...I have been at a loss for words since opening my birthday present from my husband. You captured Guinness's spirit as if he was your own beloved companion, his eyes telling the story of the short nine, incredible years that we shared. Greg and I cried for days as we were overwhelmed with your unbelievable talent in bringing Guinness back to life. It sounds crazy but having him look back at us with the same eyes we've loved and cherished has added such joy despite our physical loss of him. I can't thank you enough for your time and talent in going above and beyond anything I have ever seen or expected. As an aside, to any potential clients that might think you're pricey, I say, "You're priceless, Gabriele."....Sincerely, Carol

...Gabriele, thank you so very much for having me over to see your art and lovely studio. It was a visual feast! Your work is stunning - the dynamism of the brush work, the color, the surface of the paintings really transcends the subject matter and yet still captures the dogginess to perfection. I'm in awe. ....Thanks again, Robin

...My friends surprised me with the fantastic birthday gift of your painting of our recently departed family member, Dogman. I love the way you painted Dogman - your portrait looks and feels so much more like him than photographs - you really captured his essence. I'm still mourning the loss of our boy but when I look at the portrait it brings back memories of him as well as the kindness and thoughtfulness of my friends. I particularly like the way you rendered Dogman's eyes - they definitely are filled with love. You captured the color of his fur, his nose is great but I think my favorite part is his smile, especially his tongue. I also appreciated the sheet you included on the making of the painting - I enjoyed seeing your process in creating the final portrait. ....Margo Rivera-Weiss

...We LOVE the painting of Moby. You are amazing!! Once again, you have captured the personality of the animal ... his friendliness, approachability, and his warm and jolly look. We love how you painted his big smile, and the twinkle in his eyes. The red collar and Moby printed on his dog tag are adorable. Also, Bud and I would like for you to frame the piece. You did such an awesome job with Sophie's painting, that we trust your choice with a frame for Moby. Just let us know what additional cost you will add to our balance. Thank you so much Gabriele. You are such a talented, wonderful artist and we look forward to picking up the finished painting of Moby whenever you are ready. We will talk to you soon....Barbara & Bob

...Molly looks absolutely great. A wonderful likeness. You have truly captured her. Thanks so much for all you did. ...Deb Robinson

...I wanted to tell you again how much we love the painting. It could not be anymore perfect. We have it in our family room where we can enjoy it everyday. Thanks....Rhonda

...I am so glad I met you. I could not be more pleased with the painting. Your talents are phenomenal and I just feel so lucky that I happen to go to the art festival that day; it wasn't even in my plan. Thanks again for your amazing work and for letting me see it while it was in progress. I found that you were very responsive by e-mail and so easy to communicate with. You are amazing. I was amazed....Huffy

...We both (along with everyone we have shown it to)..really love your capturing of China.
You "got" her spirit and I have framed it..Best to you.....Dick and Nancy Keltner

...Your pet portraits are very free and natural looking, some of the best translations from photos I have seen....Dan Granet

...Thanks again for the beautiful picture (of Dakota). I have it on my desk so I can look at her all day....Jessica Higdon

...You did such a great job of catching Tazzy's personality and her eyes. I showed several people the photo of your painting and they all are amazed at how well you captured the essence of her. They have taken your number and I'm sure some will call you. Thanks again...Sherri

...Oh, it looks great! Awesome, I love it! Thank you...Nicole

...I can't tell you how much I love the painting. Having it around makes me feel like Fluffy is here. I know that sounds silly but it is the way I feel. Thank you again for a fantastic painting...Allan Friedlander

...Misty looks wonderful! I can tell you really love what you do and you do it with true love!...Kathleen Drotar

...You do beautiful work. Thanks again...Joan

...I am pleased to report that our jury was very impressed with your work and we welcome you to our 2007 show...Los Altos Rotary Club

...Thank you! We are thoroughly enjoying the paintings of our babies and everyone thinks both the paintings are wonderful. Love for all you do!...kd

...Oh my gosh!!! Gabriele, you have done a fabulous job capturing Sophie with your paint brushes. The painting looks exactly like Sophie right down to the sparkle in her eyes, little smile on her face, and hair strokes. You do magic!...Barbara

...I wanted to thank you again for the portrait..my mom loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!...Always, Debbie

...The painting is awesome. I almost cried when I first saw it!!!!!...Marianne

...Thank you again for the magnificent work you did on this painting.  Every time I look at it, I just cannot believe it. I had to give it to my mom to put it at her house so that I wouldn't just give it to my husband now instead of Christmas!!!...M. Duffy

...Your pet paintings are unique, sensitive, spectacular, so true to life, and so pleasing to the pet owners of the pets you paint. Keep me posted!...Susan

...You're brilliant! I really like the addition of the tongue, and it really was Lexia's signature expression. I didn't think I could get any more excited about this project, but OMG, I'm totally over the moon now. I looked at the painting for a long time, and near the end, I could almost hear Lexia breathing in my ear once again. Thanks for that. ...Warmest regards, Kathe